Scout with two Eagle Ranks in Scoutbook

For some reason in the Scout’s main record there are two Eagle badges showing and also two of the emblems show up on the “needs purchasing report”. There is only one in his advancement section. I’ve never seen this with any of our other Eagles (or any rank for that matter). See attached screenshots for details.

Thank you in advance to anyone who has any ideas on this one!

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Can you blur out the Scout’s name from the screenshots or remove the screenshots altogether? On this forum, we generally do not post names along with MIDs.


I will investigate

I do not believe you can remove an Eagle from Scoutbook, just like you can’t approve it (it needs to be approved by Council). Perhaps you should contact Council and ask them to remove the duplicate instance? Or maybe it’s a Scoutbook issue?


There is an issue with the Scout’s record that the developers need to fix. I have asked them to remove Eagle 2022 and change Eagle 2012 to 2016. At this point I do not know how he ended up with 2 Eagles.

@edavignon thank you for looking into this. Appreciate it!

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The Scout’s Eagle has been fixed. He is now listed as having earned Eagle 2016.

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