Scoutbook allowed Scout to update Merit Badge Requirement completion

working with a scout on Emergency Preparation MB, remotely due to Covid19. the scout was given a list of “yet to be completed” requirements. the scout, instead of submitting his work, found he could mark the remaining requirements completed, and the merit badge completed.
(the Scoutbook log and the “Edit Requirements” page shows the updater to be the scout himself. )

i was surprised and less than satisfied with Scoutbook that allowed this to occur. this is clearly a failure and needs to be corrected.

i found the improper updates 2 days after they were made, used the unfortunately complicated mechanism to remove the updates, notified the scouts parents and scoutmaster of the action, and worked with the scout to correctly complete the merit badge.

again, this is a failure and needs to be fixed.

@ThomasAnderson7 no that is correct and follows the GTA - it is just like a Scout checking off the Left column in a handbook saying I am ready to be tested



I assume you are the Merit Badge Counselor.

The Scout used the proper procedure in Scoutbook. By marking the requirements and MB complete the Scout is notifying you and unit leaders that the Scout is ready to be tested. As Donovan said, this is no different than the Scout checking off the left hand column in the rank tables of the handbook.

The preferred procedure for you to have used in this case would have been to test the Scout then mark each requirement and the final completion as Counselor Approved.


This is spelled out here:

and here

  1. Started – means in progress

  2. Completed – means the youth has completed the item but it needs approval from merit badge counselor

  3. Approved – The merit badge counselor has verified (i.e., “signed off”) that the youth has completed all requirements.

  4. Awarded (optional) – Some units like to have a way to keep track of which advancements have been approved but not yet presented to the youth.

4 steps


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