Scoutbook and my.scouting positions not matching


I noticed my position on Scoutbook for NOVA Counselor and Supernova Mentor shows it has ended on Jun 2022. I reached out to my council and they said it shows I’m current til the end of this year (December). However, when Scouts are searching on Scoutbook I no longer show up because it is no longer listed as “My current positions and roles”.

My Scoutbook UserID = 8239751
My BSA Member ID = 12794180

My council said they can’t help me with Scoutbook as they don’t know how to. I have attached what I see for my position on my Scoutbook account vs. my.scounting account.



Thank you for your time!
Britta :slight_smile:


I have no idea why your Nova and SuperNova positions were ended on June. I have requested a position sync. Check back after 4:00 PM Central to see if they have been restored.


Thank you. I believe it has been fixed!