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  • I am registered in 3 non-unit positions

Scoutbook - My Profile

  • My Scoutbook profile was showing old information. I have updated with current information this morning, 2022-06-04.

Scoutbook - Not all of my positions are listed

@RonFedele My MBC position expires 2022-06-30. All other local BSA YPT and California requirements have been met.
My YPT expires 2024-02-28. I cannot find a renewal email message.


Scout book is a unit tool. MBC and Nova positions are the only others that come in on their own

Tenure = 0 days ?

The “Tenure = 0 days” appears to be a bug. The current MBC position is showing a tenure of “802d”.


Can the others be added? Is there a help file?


There are no plans to add any non-unit positions other than the ones that already exist. These are Merit Badge Counselor, Nova Counselor, Supernova Mentor and Unit Commissioner. The BSA has stated this many times.

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