Scoutbook Calendar - Clicking past event passes through to create new event

Hi, all,

This morning, I was trying to click into a patrol meeting from last night on the Scoutbook calendar, so that I could transcribe our patrol scribe’s attendance notes. Since there were multiple events displaying, the “# more events” menu was displayed. Clicking on the “# more events”, it displayed the full list, but automatically routed me into the Create a New Event interface, rather than permitting me to select one of the past events.

Platform/Browser Details:

  • Win10 both Firefox & Chrome (both current)
  • Occurs with and without Feature Assistant Extension running
  • Not tested on other platforms/browsers.

Path to Bug:

  • My Dashboard → Events → Upcoming Events → “# more events”

Current partial workaround:
If there are multiple calendars displayed in Scoutbook, turn off enough calendars that there are only two or fewer items displayed. Then, clicking on the past event displays that event’s interface. However, this only works if the multiple events are on different calendars so that they can be hidden/removed from the calendar display.


I duplicated this issue and have reported it to the developers.


I’m having the same issue with iPhone Safari. and I can’t do the workaround because it affects the calendar for different troops.

You can’t turn off one troop? I can turn off all of my unit and patrol calendars at once, and leave the calendar blank. Or is the issue that it’s cumbersome (which it is) to go back and forth turning stuff off then back on?

Yes I can! Ty! I didn’t know about that feature before and thought it wasn’t possible.

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