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Can't find previously added events on Troop calendar

Hi, was there a recent change that wiped out events on the calendars? I noticed a new format for selecting the calendar I want to view, but after choosing the Troop’s main calendar, it’s a completely fresh calendar with no events at all. I also ran an attendance report and see the events I’ve added before, but guess I’m not choosing the correct view to see them on the actual calendar. Please help, thanks!

I’m still seeing all of the events that I’m expecting to. Rather, the calendar has a bunch of stuff on it. It might be missing isolated events, but I don’t see any that are “missing”. I’m a Troop Admin, however, so maybe that is impacting what I can see. What’s your role in Scoutbook?

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Thanks Charley, I’m the Committee Chair.

@FrankHughes - committee chair here for crew and troop and all of our entries are showing for me. I did not have to modify anything in the settings gear.

Sometimes my Troop Admin position glitches out, and I lose the access I would normally have. Try going to

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Your Name

then select your CC position. Tick the “Position Approved” box, and click the big red “Update” button. Although the position may show as approved, sometimes Scoutbook seems to “forget” positions. This generally restores them.

I agree that, irrespective of position, folks clicking on the calendar should see events that are on that calendar. This might just restore your relationship to the troop so you can see what you’re expecting to see.

Thanks Stephen, very strange, I hope it’s easy to fix. I’m still trying different things.

Thanks Charley, did as you recommend, but same issue. I notice a new feature “Subscribe” next to the calendar name listed below the actual calendar. But it says it’s for synching with Google calendar. Is this the issue, am i suppose to do that?

@FrankHughes - so in the gear of the calendar view, you have the troop checked off. When looking at the calendar itself can you scroll down and see the subscription list and then a list of events ?

I have Troop calendar check off that I’ve used for every other event, and there’s nothing listed below, like in Upcoming Events.

You don’t have to Subscribe unless, as you noted, you want to see the events in a different calendar (i.e. outside of Scoutbook). I use those links to show our unit calendars on my personal calendar and on my calendar at the office.

At the risk of suggesting something you’ve already tried, have you tried clearing the browser cache and/or reloaded the page? I’m wondering if it’s a browser issue of some sort. What browser are you using to view Scoutbook?

@FrankHughes I am having the same issue with the calendar. The developers are investigating.

Thanks, haven’t done that, I’m using Chrome.

Hrm. The calendar seems to be working OK for me in both Chrome and Firefox, with and without the Feature Assistant Extension loaded/running.

That is bizarre…

Agree Charley, I hope it resolves itself or is an easy fix. Take care!

My troop calendar has gone blank. None of the previous events are there anymore. Did today’s update wipe it all out? Any way to recover it?

I am using Chrome.

An update is planned for tonight at 9:00 PM CDT to either fix the issue or rollback yesterday’s change. Either way, your calendar will be restored.

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Thank you, looking forward to seeing it again!

Thank you for the quick response!

The issue has been fixed.

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Thank you, I see my events again!

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