Scoutbook Calendar still visible in Scoutbook?

I searched and could not find this answer. Will the calendar still be visible in Scoutbook but only have the adding and editing functionality be in Internet Advancement or will it completely disappear? Our scouts go to Scoutbook right now to rsvp and look at events.

Thank you ahead of time.

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The IA2 calendar will eventually replace the Scoutbook calendar entirely, but will be linked from Scoutbook untill Scoutbook is retired as a whole, similarly to the way that the activity logs work now. I understand from various SUAC posts that the “upcoming events” interface will likely persist until Scoutbook is retired.

There is states that Scoutbook calendar will be retired by November 9th - but in other threads it stated that the calendar will still be visible in Scoutbook but functionality will be only in IA. Just want a clarification as what you posted just says retired - but does that mean deprecated and removed or jsut the functionality will be retired?

@JeffreyBlanchard - the end goal is to retire the existing calendar in scoutbook and provide a link in scoutbook to the new calendar…

The user interface is changing. There still will be a calendar and your past events will still be there.

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