Upcoming Changes to Calendar in Scoutbook

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, Scoutbook will redirect all calendar functionality to advancements.scouting.org, also known as Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement.

This change is part of the migration of Scoutbook to Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement due to the fact that Scoutbook is built on old classic ASP (Application Service Provider) which offers application services over the internet and needs to be retired.

Users have been given the opportunity to experience the new calendar since October 2023 by going directly to advancements.scouting.org. By providing calendar functionality in both platforms, developers have been able to receive and implement feedback while the old Scoutbook calendar was still in use.

The new calendar has added features such as the following:

  • The ability to create recurring events such as unit, patrol, den, and committee meetings.
  • Users can generate activity logs from events prefilled with event information
  • An html editor for event descriptions
  • An automatic update of event invitees when members join or leave a unit (available when Scoutbook calendar is fully retired)
  • Quick entry for invitation and attendance

A user guide is available at Using Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement Calendar (IA) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base (scouting.org)