Scoutbook Does Not Save Text Message Preferences

Hello all.

Every time I update my phone number in Scoutbook to receive text messages, my mobile carrier switches back to Do not send text messages, even after I verify/activate my phone number. Could this have anything to do with the basic profile details transferring back to IA2? Please see the below screenshots for more information.

I’ve never had this issue before so I’m not sure what’s causing it. Is anybody else having a similar issue or can somebody help?


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I had signed up and confirmed about 2 years ago. Then I realized I wasn’t getting the few texts we send. When I went back, I had to reconfirm and re-set it.

Every time I reconfirm, it still resets back to default when I open my profile page. I have done so many times now.

Ok. Your’s is different. My one says I reconfirmed it 28 days ago. So, mine “stuck”.

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I am having the same issue. Anyone else know of a fix yet?

I am having this same issue as of 7-19-22.

OK I just figured out the issue - I will report this

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