How to turn on SMS Texting in Scoutbook now?

Since now that when you click on edit profile it takes you to your profile in internet advancement. How does one get the little phone next to their name in scoutbook now? turning on receiving texts from BSA in Internet Advance profile doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Thank you, we have reported this to development. The change in IA profile should allow for Scoutbook texting.

Thank you for the update at least I know I’m not going crazy now. I just recently started helping a Troop with Scoutbook and the first thing I noticed is the Scouts didn’t have access to their own accounts. So working on this I discovered the IA profile change. Which complicated what I was trying to accomplish. The workaround by creating My.Scouting account for scouts own accounts is going ok, but having some issues with a couple of scouts getting connected to themselves. But the first thing I noticed was the SMS texting was not showing up on that side.

For the Scouts that we are struggling with is there a # or email I can have the parents contact to get them squared away? One parent has created like 5 or 6 My.Scouting accounts trying to get the scout to show up in the Message section of Scoutbook. To complicate matters the Father has an identical name different BSA #

A follow up on the text messaging. After a little bit of testing with the developers.
If you put your cell phone and carrier in your profile, it automatically turns on your ability to receive text messages. In Scoutbook, you will see the little icon (it is tied to your cell number).

They will be making it a little better, but it does work.

This is a different issue. To get the Scout to show up, they should follow the instructions:

  1. Log into your own account on
  2. Open ‘My Dashboard.’
  3. Click the ‘Child’ under My Family
  4. Click on your child’s ‘Edit Extended Information.’
  5. Go to the bottom and click ‘Invite xxx to Connect.’
  6. Enter your child’s email address
  7. Have your Scout log into their email account and ‘accept’ your invitation and choose a password.

To do it from the Scouting App, see the instructions here:

If you need more help on this topic, please start a separate thread with a title related to this issue.

No, no support line or email.

  1. Your email. :slight_smile: Sounds like you are helping get them squared away.
  2. These forums.
  3. Your district or council may have someone officially or unofficially is the go to Scoutbook person. I am that for our district.
  4. Your council may have a Registrar who can help. I try to use this resource last as they are a more limited resource than the others.

Yeah that doesn’t appear to be working from the IA profile, unless there is some massive sync that needs to occur. Been a few days since I added my Son’s # and carrier in there. Every parent I walked thru the process has added the carrier as well. In theory you would think that would work.

I left you a private message. Click on your icon in the upper right and click on the envelope.

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