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ScoutBook is losing Merit Badge Counselors

I have been using the Council Upload of Merit Badge Counselors for many months. Today, when I uploaded the MBC list to ScoutBook, two of our counselors suddely report

“BSA Member ID does not have an active MBC Position.”

Both have been in our MBC data base for some time. I checked and both were included in the previous upload on 9/25 with no errors. I checked their registration on ScoutNet, and both show that their MBC Registration does not expires until 12/31/2020.

So what happened that ScoutBook suddenly thinks their registrations have expired? I can Email suppoorting information, including the names and ID’s of counselors with problems.


I suggest downloading the MBC list from Scoutbook and looking for them. It could be a case of having 2 BSA Member IDs.


As a matter of habit, I always download the resuting ScoutNet MBC list after an update. I keep these around for a while in case of errors, like this one.

I checked the ScoutBook MBC listing downloaded on 9/25/2020 and both counselors were in there correctly.

Today I ran another Update to add some counselors. Today’s update reported two errors for the “now” missing counselors. I downloaded the ScoutBook MBC list and searched for the missing counselors as you suggested. I discovered both names in the list, but without any other data. That is, no BSA ID and no badge list. But they were there on Friday when I pulled down the list.

It appears to me that something has deleted the entries in ScoutBook for the two counselors. I don’t know what or why. As previously stated, they are both currently registered as Counselors in ScoutNet. And their BSA ID number has not changed in ScoutNet, nor in my upload.



I sent you a private message so we can collect some data to investigate. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner.

I just want to thank Greg as the voice from “the other side of the equation”. Your input is a huge help to making sure all the bugs are worked out.

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We have had this happen with scouts as well. It has caused issues with Eagle Advancement as suddenly boys are listed as no longer in our Troop because they exist elsewhere but they aren’t in another unit. Seems there must have been some update to break some people. We have also had parents who previously had working profiles suddenly have the ability for them to see their sons or get emails broken. Its all since summer. Everything was fine in the spring. My guess is some release broke some people. We also have MBCs that were valid that are missing.

I also had a MBC get dropped in the last few days. The counselor was uploaded to Scoutbook successfully in the first automated upload (I did a download afterwards to see what the process did). Today, the counselor received the following email message:

"Your council has recently uploaded a new list of council-approved merit badge counselors. That list does not include your name or other information which allows Scoutbook to determine that you are an approved merit badge counselor. This could be for any number of reasons, including different spellings of names.

At this time Scoutbook is no longer listing you as a merit badge counselor. If you feel that you have received this email in error, please contact your local service center. Once your status is updated by the council, your status will also be updated in Scoutbook."

We have not done any council uploads since the automated process was put in place. When we checked ScoutNet, the counselor is properly registered and has approved merit badges. I also confirmed that the counselor’s profile data in both ScoutNet and Scoutbook match.

Any clues as to what happened?


David VK

Dumb question, but important to double-check… Do the dropped councelors have current YPT certs?

In our case yes. That was the first thing I checked.

Not a Dumb Question at all. I thought of that last night after I signed off. So today I checked. One of the counselors has expired YPT. But it Expired back in July and he has been included in successful updates many times since then. The other’s does not expire until late next year. But both report not being registered in ScoutBook. ScoutBook support is looking into it.

Also, from my reading of the documentation on ScoutBook, it think is says it only “hides” counselor’s whose YPT has expired. Once the YPT is updated, they pop back up. So Expired YPT should not cause the record to be removed.


MBCs will not show up in the MBC List search if their YPT has expired. However they are not removed from Scoutbook. When they take the course again, they should show up again in the search within 24 to 48 hours.

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It could be that there was a duplicate and the duplicate was removed, or his MBC position expired for some reason. Feel free to send me an email and we can look into your particular case. Send it to: suacinformation@gmail.com

Will do. I did compare the initial auto update with one from two days ago. It wasn’t a case of duplicate records. We had about 8 counselors deleted. Three of those had expired YPT, and one had no approved merit badges. In the initial upload there we over 100 counselors without approved merit badges uploaded to Scoutbook. I am trying to get that fixed by having them submit the right forms to get at least one merit badge approved.

If they are in ScoutNET and not in Scoutbook you can ask your council registrar to modify the expires date by 1 day in ScoutNET and that will force a push of that MBC to Scoutbook again. Allow 48 hours to update.


When we rechartered we verified the YOT, what we found was that the info does not also import to MB counselors. We had to separately submit the YPT certificates to our council MB councilor coordinator

This happens to me all the time. I am registered in 2 Councils and for certain reasons I need to be a MBC in both Councils with a different list of merit badges. My position in one of the Councils gets dropped all the time. I even put in a ticket about this a year ago and it ended up with the Scoutbook team and the Council pointing fingers at each other. Truely frustrating.


This will only work if you have 2 BSA Member IDs (MID) and 2 e-mail addresses because will will require 2 Scoutbook accounts. Because of SSO, you should also have 2 my.scouting.org IDs, one attached to each MID and e-mail address.

It took 18 months and two sets of applications to actually get listed on ScoutBook by the council committee. I could call council and get verification that I was listed, but it never made SB. Then I never received the renewal email from the committee and had to resubmit all over again. Now that renewal for MBC is about to start over I finally got an email confirming my registration. I listed as being available for any Scout within reasonable driving distance for Troop meetings. It’s disappointing but at least I can be available for my Troop and the few Troops close at hand we network with.

Thanks and this is the first time I (or any of the people that I know that are dual registered) have ever heard this. In my opinion, it really isn’t much of a solve either becuase training won’t show up across both MIDs if it is done this way (not the issue being discussed in this thread so I don’t really want to derail the conversation). I take different training in different Councils. For example, I took Wood Badge in one Council and will be taking Wilderness First Aid in another Council. There must be a better way.

We are in a relatively unique area where we literally live on the line between 2 Councils (my son is in one Council and my daughter is an another) and it splits our school district. There are quite a few of us that are registered and active in both Councils. We all had lots of issues with SB when we chartered the our girl troop and made lots of calls to the service desk becaue of it.

What you described was never explained to any of us. In fact, we were made to believe it was our issue and we were blown off (they thought it was an issue of just having 2 MIDs and having to merge them. That is what they did and it has been a royal pain ever since.

I know this isn’t your problem, just venting a bit becuase the team refused to actually listen to what the issue was and we have had to live the the consequences ever since.


Scoutbook has only supported one BSA Member ID (MID) per user since its inception. The BSA long ago decided that each Council would have its own block of MIDs and that Councils could not see the MIDs or any registered individuals in another Council. At this time, there are no plans to change this.

The easiest solution would be for you to be registered as an MBC in a single Council and set your Listing Preference to Any Council (Worldwide). This would allow units in both Councils to see you when they do a MBC search.

One thing I don’t understand is your comment that you are registered for different MBs in each Council. Per the Guide to Advancement, any MBC can counsel any MB for which they are registered in any Council. This means if you are registered for Camping in Council A but not Council B, you can sign off on the Camping MB for any Scout in Council A, B, or any other Council.

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