Scoutbook Listing Cycling & Swimming as Eagle Required when its either or badge, not reporting correctly for rank

Hi, I have a scout who has earned both Swimming and Cycling. This is an either or badge, once Swimming was earned, Cycling should have been listed as an elective badge. This did occur for the rank of Eagle (listed as a palm for this particular scout) however it is currently listing Cycling as a Eagle required badge allowing this scout to earn Life rank. This is a bug I will assume that needs to be fixed. Please advise how I get this corrected as Scout is assuming he is ready to rank up but in actuality needs one additional Eagle required badge. Thanks so much for your assistance.
Christine Schwefler, Troop 28, Spirit of Adventure Council, Advancement Chair & Unit Admin

scoutbook error 2
scoutbook error

That is accurate recording - the Eagle choice badges (Hiking/Swimming/Cycling) only are electives for the Eagle rank - not Star or Life @ChristineSchwefler

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Scoutbook is correct.

If you read the rank requirements for Star and Life, they do not specify that the scout must choose only one from swimming, hiking, or cycling. All three can count toward Star and Life Rank.

Eagle Rank is where it specifies that you must pick one of those to count toward your 13. The remaining two would then become electives.

This is my son. He’s Life Rank currently. He completed both Swimming and Hiking and both of those were counted toward his Star Rank eagle required badges but if you look at his Eagle Rank, Swimming is listed in the 13 eagle required while hiking is listed with the 8 electives.


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Eagle Required merit badges Star Life


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