Eagle Scout advancement Step 3 is not completing when scout has all 21 MBs

I have a scout that has completed all of his requirements for Merit Badges but I cannot finalize step 3, even though all 21 merit badges (Eagle required + electives) are complete. BSA number for scout is 127542518. I cannot finalize the last step without step 3 complete. When you open up step 3, I can mark as complete and leader approved.

@JeffreyWeber1 - I am confused… you state in the intro that you CAN’T complete req3 but at the end you state that you can…which is it?

I suspect Scoutbook is confused because the Scout earned both Swimming and Cycling. I need to do some testing to determine if this what is happening then notify the developers.


Please go to the Scout’s Eagle page and make sure the correct version of Eagle is selected. Unfortunately the SUAC cannot tell which version is being used.

@JeffreyWeber1 can you post a screenshot of #3 for us to see please

Hi, I have a scout who has earned both Swimming & Cycling which means that Cycling would become and elective merit badge for rank but scoutbook is showing that they are both eagle required. I do not want to disappoint the scout this occuring with as he is nearly ready to rank up to Life. How do I fix that both Swimming & Cycling are showing as eagle required and not one of them as an elective for Life. It is correct under the Eagle requirements but not Life.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Christine Schwefler, Troop 28, Advancement Chair, Spirit of Adventure Council

scoutbook error 2
scoutbook error

@ChristineSchwefler - your clue us in the reading of the requirement for merit badges for life rank. There is no issue.

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Are you saying that scoutbook is interpreting it correctly? That a scout can earn an either or badge and count it for two ranks as an eagle required. Our scoutmaster insists that this is not accurate so now I am really confused.

Scoutbook is showing the badges correctly. Eagle Rank is the only rank that specifies that you can only use one of those three merit badges (swimming, hiking, or cycling) toward the merit badge requirement.

For Star and Life, it doesn’t matter. The Scout just needs to complete any merit badges that are eagle required. It doesn’t matter if for Life, 3 of the eagle required ones ended up being swimming, cycling, and hiking.

My son completed Hiking and Swimming. Both of those are listed under his Star Rank eagle required merit badges because both are from the eagle required category. If you look at the rank requirement itself, it does not specify that only hiking or swimming or cycling can be used toward Star or Life Rank.

If I look at what Scoutbook has counted toward his Eagle rank, it correctly lists only one of those badges because for Eagle, only one of those three merit badges can count toward the 13 eagle required merit badges.



You can earn all three - swimming, cycling, & hiking - and all 3 can be used for Star & Life Ranks. But for Eagle, you can only list one of them.

As @DonovanMcNeil noted in a subsequent response to me, from the 3 eagle required merit badges - swimming, hiking, & cycling - Scoutbook will list one under the eagle required badges for Eagle Rank, and the others will be listed as Electives based on the date earned.

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Only list one as Eagle Required - the other 2 can be electives for Eagle

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I should have been more specific :slight_smile:

For my son, Swimming is one of his 13 and Hiking is listed under the electives.

We believe there may be a problem with the Scoutbook implementation. It could be a corner case that this one Scout hit due to the mix of versions or it could be something else. We need to hear back from @JeffreyWeber1 to investigate further as the SUAC’s tools don’t give us visibility into everything we need to determine what is happening.

@ChristineSchwefler - read the requirement please.

The SUAC has previously asked the Scouts BSA Advancement team at BSA Headquarters about using, for example Swimming as an Eagle required MB for Star and Hiking as an Eagle required MB for Life. This is allowed for Star and Life, however, when the Scout is working on Eagle, one of the two will be counted as an elective and not Eagle required.

Scoutbook is working correctly in assigning Eagle required MBs for the Star and Life requirements.

Thanks everyone for clarifying. I appreciate the help.

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Well there is a :bug: why did it using Cycling with a later date than swimming?

One other bit of info. He is a using 2014 requirements scout

well a scout cannot obtain eagle then - they have to be on current version