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Eagle Rank Application Generated in Scoutbook crosses off Swimming Merit Badge

Eagle Rank app snip This scout earned Lifesaving and Swimming but it crosses out swimming and makes it look like he earned Cycling which he didn’t even start. I saw this on another scout as well, thanks.

Also on E-Science it crosses out the or not Sustainability which he did not attempt.

Sending you a direct message - look for it in top right avatar

@JDeMeritt also probably good to send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scouts detail (BSA #, Council, Unit(s)), along with the pic and details of the failure - if you can respond to my direct message I will hand straight to the developer of it though

@JDeMeritt - this was rolled back to a previous version (that has a broken survey on 3rd page) can you please test again

Donovan and all, the old version works as intended, thanks.

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