Scoutbook listing wrong Council

Recently my Scoutbook access switched me to a different Council (Silicon Valley Monterey Bay) instead of the Council to which I’m registered (Golden Gate Area Council).
SB#: 12978520
BSA ID#: 12105534
I can log-in to Scoutbook using my email address but then it pulls up the SVMB council profile to which I’m not associated and says “someone else is using the same email”. However, I can still get into using my same email and it comes up with the correct council (GGAC). Can someone please help or advise how to fix this problem?

The council shown on scoutbook is nearly irrelevant - I changed it to 023 and fixed the email issue

Thank you! I can see the changes now. It looks like all the kids that I was connected to as an MBC (outside of 1) have now disappeared from my view and it doesn’t list me as the CC for the 2nd Troop (2152) I’m rechartered with for 2023. Should I talk to my council about correcting this?

No connections should have been lost - I setup a sync to correct your positions check late this afternoon or in the morning

Got it. Thanks so much for all your help. Really appreciate it!

@KimberlyKhoury I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your Scout. In your Scout’s “Relationships” section, they will want to double-check that you are listed there under the correct BSA member ID number as parent.

Hi Jennifer, it’s actually not my Scout specifically. I’m a merit badge counselor for two Troops and NONE of the kids that I was counseling before this mistake happened have appeared back in my MBC window when I click on any of the merit badges that I’m an approved counselor. The only scout that appears is a new Scout that recently connected to me. But all the previous Scouts I was counseling have still not shown up in my view and there were a lot as our Troops have a combined total of 70 scouts. So if I need to speak to my council, I will. I have 2 email addresses and I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the problems as well.

Unfortunately, once the connections are broken, they have to be manually reconnected. It’s happened to me a couple of times now, so I have started tracking the connection info I need to reconnect to the scouts I’m currently counseling in case we get disconnected.

OK, I see. So I have to reconnect with everyone then. Thanks for the tip on tracking connections. I’ll start doing that now in case this happens again. Appreciate everyone’s help on this topic!

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