Counselor registered in multiple councils

I have a person, BSA ID 137265668, who is registered as a counselor in my council (per my.scouting merit badge counselor report). However, he doesn’t show up in the download from Scoutbook (detailedmbc_download.csv) for my council.

When I search for him by name in Scoutbook, he shows up, but he’s listed as “approved by [a different council]” even though his address is in my council and he’s registered as a MBC in my council and has badges assigned to him.

How can we resolve this?

Am I responsible for his reregistration or should I ignore him and just pretend he doesn’t exist in my council since he’s apparently also registered in another council as a merit badge counselor?

Well MBC is basically a universal position - why are 2 councils paying the cost of a CBC?

Agreed. Excellent question. Too bad national doesn’t give you any way to know that’s happening. There should have been a national member ID at least several decades ago. That would have fixed this problem.

So, now that we’ve established it’s dumb. How do we fix it?

Should I just ignore the guy and tell my council to let his registration expire or what?

I’m required, by the GtA to contact every merit badge counselor annually to determine if they want to continue as a counselor. Should I contact this guy or not? I’m just trying to figure out how to do the job that I’ve been assigned.

Maybe talk to the MBC to see if they care on the council and explain the situation. And it is Councils, not National, that wanted (wants) the isolated BSA #s, from all I have heard. Would be much simpler for National to have one.

it actually goes back to the precursor system that was standalone on council computers and it would dial in overnight to up and download data. They needed separate blocks of numbers to avoid duplicates.

I can reach out. Seems silly that I have to find this problem, then fix this problem, when national could have (and should have) resolved this literally 50+ years ago.

Same with duplicate registrations for MBCs and non-MBCs in the same council.

SB has all this info. They should be alerting on this stuff. It would be trivially simple and save the organization money and we seem to be hurting in that area right now.

But, clearly, my input is unwanted and viewed as objectionable.

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