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Scoutbook loading pages is very slow

Has anyone else noticed random pages on Scoutbook taking a very long time to load? I’ve had some pages (for instance clicking on ___'s Awards and the Loading graphic can be up for nearly a minute). My internet connection is fine otherwise (just did a speed test and had >200Mbps download), so it seems to be a Scoutbook issue.

I’ve also tried in my regular browser (Chrome) as well as Edge (which I never use, so it is free of browser clutter). The sluggishness appears in both browsers.

@MichaelCrotty - I have worked through all three of my units and random scouts and not seeing that delay.

You’re lucky. It’s virtually unusable this afternoon.

@MichaelCrotty - you could check here for your provider and/or AWS which is the host of the scoutbook sites to see if you area is reflected in the heat maps>

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