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Scoutbook My Profile - Email Address in profile

Scoutbook profile is showing old non-existent email address, it does not match primary email address in my.scouting my profile. It may be from legacy forum.

I am a long time Scoutbook user with no unit registration on Scoutbook.
Primary position is District Member at Large
Secondary position is Merit Badge Counselor (with no current links to Scouts on Scoutbook)

Can login to discussion forum using my.Scouting SSO credentials.
Cannot login to Scoutbook/mobile login (error message)

Bill is your email @sisna.com

also are you logging into scoutbook with your SSO password?



Contact information and login issue

My primary email is hxxxxxxxxx@sisna,com recently changed in my.Scoutting profile from wxxxxxxxxx@sisna,com. The old .value.net email address is showing up in the Scoutbook profile.

The SSO useriid has not changed. It works for the direct my.Scouting,org and the discussion forum logins. The Scoutbook /mobile login was failing with an error message. Working today.

Contact information in Member Manager is current. ScoutNet and the next MBC upload should now have the hxxxxxxxxx@sisna,com email address.


Scouting Forums Profile Issue

The old .value.net email address is still listed on the https://discussions.scouting.org/u/bill_w/preferences/account page.

When I look at you in the MBC list it shows the new email. If you still see the value email address in your scoutbook profile you should be able to reset it in the my account email section

I don’t know about the forums

It is going to have to go to the national discussion techs to fix.
It appears to be something I or the registrar cannot fix,


Currently there is no way to change an e-mail address on the forums. I am working with the SSO developers to get this fixed.

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