Scoutbook not working when URL typed directly into Chrome/firefox. Works if clicking a link directing to Scoutbook

Been noticing for approx 1.5 weeks now that if I type “” into the URL box on Chrome or Firefox, it just times out. The page will not load. On PC or mobile Android. Several Scout parents reported the same issue at our last Troop meeting.
The only way to get it to load is to click on a link where the URL “” is listed, such as in an email, text or a different webpage. Then it loads just fine, no problem, in Chrome or Firefox.

I cannot be the only person experiencing this? Its frustrating because we have 10 new Scouts that have just joined, and I’m trying to get the parents to RSVP to events but half of them cannot get Scoutbook to even load.


Works fine for me? But the address really is - try that one @DylanRoth

@DylanRoth - right above your post is this:

If you still have bookmarks or mobile icons pointing to please change them to There is an issue with the redirect from the legacy URL. This is being investigated, but to avoid future issues, it is best to change any obsolete bookmarks.

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Yes the URL works. I had always just used so that’s the URL I’ve been telling parents and scouts to use. I will relay the information! Thank you for the help!

@DylanRoth - there we go. I do recall the URL changed in November of 2020 so that has been around for a while.

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