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Www.scoutbook.com/mobile doesn't redirect

www.scoutbook.com/mobile should redirect me to Scoutbook’s new domain name, but it doesn’t.


There is a known issue with accessing Scoutbook after last night’s domain change. BSA IT is working to resolve the issue.

Known workarounds to access Scoutbook are either:

  1. Use an incognito or private window to access Scoutbook at http://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile See Finding Your Browser’s Private Browsing Mode for instructions for various browsers.
  2. Clear your cache. See How to Clear Cache for All Major Browsers and clear cookies for the scoutbook.org domain. See How to Clear Cookies for a Specific Site

We will provide updates as they become available.

From what I can ascertain, it appears that only hits to the root URL (/) on www.scoutbook.com are being redirected. If BSA’s Scoutbook cloud hosting uses IaaS, and since it is presumably using IIS, I’d suggest investigating Microsoft’s workhorse URL Rewrite extension. It should be able to provide a more comprehensive redirect.

The challenge would be if insiders still need to access www.scoutbook.com/* using the public URL, unless we can identify them somehow in a way that URL Rewrite can recognize, such as coming from a defined IP range.

I’d be happy to advise more if you’re open to it.


Agreed, I’ve been clearing my cache for days, but I’d typically accessed Scoutbook through a browser autocomplete shortcut.

If they can’t redirect scoutbook.com/mobile either through a server redirect or a CNAME change, they should change the “Refresh this Page” login error message on the Scoutbook.com instance to be “Scoutbook’s domain has changed. The new link is <>. Please update your bookmaks.”

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