Scoutbook Pack Export (Achievements) Doesn't Export All Data

When selecting “Export/Backup” in Scoutbook on the Pack page, then selecting “Achievements”, all of the data is not exported to CSV. It stops every time around the Nova Awards column. How can I get an export of ALL the Achievement data in Scoutbook? The other exports all produce the correct amount of data.

I have 55-ish scouts in Scoutbook.

that is a VERY old feature - why would you need to export - SB is the official database?

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Because I have another issue where I cannot edit the requirements of some of my transferred over scouts in Scoutbook so as a temporary measure needed a way to display the scouts I can edit in scout book and the ones I cannot together. Plus, there is a lot more you can do with an Excel export of the data than you can do within Scoutbook reporting-wise. If you cannot export all of the data, then why have it as an option to begin with?

@WillFowlkes I have ended their memberships and requested a position sync. The Scouts should be back on your pack roster in Scoutbook tomorrow.

After they are back on your Scoutbook roster, please go to the den pages in Scoutbook and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to move them back into their dens.

All works as expected now - thank you!!!

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