Exporting our Troop's adult and scout users from Scoutbook

To solve our Troop needs that are not supported in Scoutbook we are setting up a troop website with logins. I need to export the Scoutbook user data to a CSV file. I see how this can be done in the Reports section. It has all the data needed except each user’s login ID. is there some way to include the user’s login ID in the export CSV file along with the user’s first name, last name, and email address? If these login IDs cannot be exported we will just have to generate a login ID s. It would be handier for the members if the Scoutbook ID and the website ID were the same.

Scoutbook does not provide a way to export login IDs. These IDs are the my.scouting.Org IDs for each user.

Thanks. Is there any way to capture these My.scouting login ID? Directly from My.Scouting website?

Short of asking everyone for them, there is no way to get them. It would be a security hole to make them generally available.


And thankfully BSA IT cares about such holes - but thanks for assisting your unit


wonder what is your “Troop needs that are not supported in Scoutbook”? maybe there are others who can have some solutions here?

  1. We need a way in Scoutbook to share files with the Troop, such as campout packing lists, special permission forms, campout recipes, merit badge worksheets, leadership guidelines, etc.

  2. We would like a to be able to share a photos from a Troop event. Some way to insert the photo gallery into the actual event posting would be convenient

  3. For event descriptions and other text entry parts of Scoutbook it would very handy to format the text with bolding, numbered lists, hyperlinks, etc. The text box I am typing this suggestion in has this text formatting feature already. Simply just add this formatting feature to the text entry boxes in Scoutbook.

I know the file sharing area and the photo galleries will require additional storage space. I am sure Troops would be willing to pay for extra storage this space.

Just some info on how we do it.

  1. We have a website that we use for “static forms”. For example example packing lists and the health forms. We use the event entry to link to that “forms” page.

  2. We do that via Instagram, Facebook, and our webpage.

  3. This is already supported. It full html, but the items you list work. That is how we do #1.

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Generally, we do this with external links. I’ve tried adding links in our dedicated troop forum here on the Discourse boards, but essentially no one but me actually visits them.

I’m curious what having the photo gallery itself in the calendar event gains you, rather than, for example, a webpage dedicated to the event that the Webmaster and Historian would jointly maintain. Currently, calendar editing capabilities are severely limited in Scoutbook, and I’d be really surprised to see this relaxed in general. Also, as even huge companies like Google have discovered, photo storage is a huge sink.

Yeah, I’m not sure why WYSIWG and rich formatting are such an issue to implement, but then I’m not the one coding it. I think that it can be done right now with bbcode in the messages, but I’ve never tried it. For reference, the presence of the rich text formatting in these forums is actually implemented through the Discourse platform, rather than by ground-up coding efforts from BSA IT.

ETA: Ah, @Matt.Johnson clarified that it’s HTML markup to get rich text in the messages, not bbcode. Thanks, Matt!

I suspect many would not be willing to pay extra, as they already have another solution for this (typically paid), and likely wouldn’t be interested in migrating all of the historical information. I know our troop wouldn’t want to move from a troop-level-managed permissions structure (e.g. the ability to easily modify permissions based on changing positions of responsibility or scopes for those positions) to an access process controlled by the BSA and whatever decisions they make internally. Consider a hypothetical situation where no one wants to be webmaster, but we have a historian. The historian could be assigned the access permissions to upload the photos to the file storage system, rather than having to assign the Webmaster position, which was not in fact being held by the Scout in question.

I’m not saying that in an ideal world these wouldn’t be useful things. I’m just not sure that 1. and 2. are actually feasible given the resources (both money and time) that the BSA has to work with and the wide variation in what units would want to do with things like file storage.

Matt, yes we have workarounds ourselves, but the post was asking for ways to improve Scoutbook.

Ok for items 1&2, but your item 3 is already supported. If you put the forms in the unit forum (have you checked it out?) then #1 is already done. So, all you have left is photo sharing.

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