Scoutbook: Pack Reports / Troop Reports Time Out

When accessing “Pack Reports” from the Pack page, there is a time out error every time. YPT status shows up but no other reports at all.

@RobertAcker - i see the same thing a yellow box time out error

Odd. I am an admin for two units. I can get to the Pack reports for the Cub pack but I get the “timeout” yellow box of the BSA Troop.

I’m getting the same error message when I try to access Troop Reports.

It might be a server error.

Could anyone with this issue please report the server name?

Pack reports seem to be working on server: AWSWEBSCTBK5A

Troop reports NOT working on server: AWSWEBSCTBK5A

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Troop reports appear to be working on AWSWEBSCTBK4A (for comparison, if that helps).

I am getting the same yellow rectangle Time out error on Pack reports.

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