Timeout Error accessing Pack and Troop Reports

I went to my 3 units individual page (1 pack & 2 troops) went to the Pack Report & Troop Report and clicked on it received without any delay a message “Timeout Error”. I went to My Dashboard and clicked Reports Menu and received a long list of available reports was able to look at the one I needed.
Took a very long time to load any of my units from the My Dashboard Page
WIndows 7, Firefox (latest version)
Was working last night just fine.
Was getting ready for a meeting tonight, will be back in about 2 or so hours.


I looked at your database entries and nothing looks strange to me. Your units are not large so a timeout would not be expected. Can you try again and let us know if it now working or you still see the problem? I heard of some issues earlier today that appear to have resolved themselves.

If you still see a failure, let us know what reports you are trying to run.

Also, please check your browser and see if it might need to be updated.

I was having issues, too, but they went away after I updated Chrome.

@MichaelMcGehearty - win7 …that is end of support

so I tried your noted path from each unit and had no issues with any reports.
All of my units loaded without issues.


Ed - Back from Troop meeting. Everything appears to be working normally for all three units. Probably a temporary clitch.
Jennifer - I also had a problem with Chome Both Firefox & Chrome are up to date.
Stephen - Where do you find what server? (I seem to remember from another thread in the forums that it is “hidden” by having the background & font color the same.
Thanks to all.


I circled where the server can be found. If you just select the text in that area you can copy it to the clipboard.

Thank you ED.
Currently my server is AWSWEBSCTBK4A.
Whatever was happening appears to have resolved itself.

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