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Scoutbook: PayPal Integration

Is anyone else having problems making payments from Scoutbook with the “Pay with PayPal” button? I had integration working and had submitted several test transactions, but as of this morning, it is no longer working. When users hit the button, 'Pay with PayPal", a “Loading” message is displayed and the transaction times out.

Anyone else having problems with Pay with PayPal functionality?

I’m having the same problems. I actually got it to work twice with test charges, but to do the second time, I had to create a new REST api. I tried again and am also stuck at the loading screen. I tried creating a 3rd REST api, but even that isn’t working. I’ll keep tweaking it and post if I get anywhere.

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Similar issues here. I can generally have a user right click on pay via PayPal to open in a new tab or window, then close that new window and try again with left click.

The OS seems to have nothing to do with it… Windows, Linux, fruit…

Same with their browser… IE, FF, Chrome, etc…

From their phones, having users force the desktop instead of mobile site seems to help sometimes, and Apple users don’t always have access to this setting.

We are trying to go all paperless and integrated with scoutbook, so I’m not giving in yet to people who want to write a check.


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Thanks! I convinced there was code moved to production that broke the PayPal integration. Same for us the mobile app seems to be working well.

Got luck with going paperless. We keep finding little things that require workarounds but much better than it was 2 or 3 year ago.

100% online applications this year and hope to get Payment logs working too!

I am not sure there is anything we can do as a user. I will post the error messages I am getting when I get back to my PC.

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