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Can't login to PayPal to make a payment from Payment Log

I am trying to set my unit up utilize Scoutbook and My Scouting App for our dues and other payments. I entered my Son’s dues, etc and had the Treasurer link our Paypal account. I can get to the Pay button that brings up the Paypal login, but I can’t get logged in. I confirmed it’s not a password problem by logging into Paypal directly with the same credentials. I had another adult leader try to pay on his son’s account and he had the same problem. Has anyone made this integration successfully?

Also, I tried to do it from the my.scouting.com website, but I get an error when trying to access my Scout’s profile.

Hello. Yes, we just got the PayPal feature set up for our Pack ScoutBook. I’m also doing the same thing and I’m getting the same result. Anyone figured this one out yet or perhaps escalate this as an issue. Thank you

@jacobfetzer . Please see above regarding PayPal issue while trying to make payments. Is this a known issue? Any support. Thank you

I’m not using that functionality. But I’ve asked others if they are.

I just noticed the link in the paypal login box is sandbox.paypal.com. Maybe the link needs to point to the production instance of paypal? The sandbox is usually used for testing during setup. Is it possible the developers were testing in the sandbox and then didn’t go back and update the link once the connection was activated in scoutbook?


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@edavignon Just thought I’d copy you on this since you are working on my other issue with payments in the Scouting app. Thanks in advance for your help!

@DavidMurrell I’ve passed this along to the developers.

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We got this fixed last night and successfully made a payment on the payment log through Paypal all the way to the Pack’s paypal account. Looks like it may have been an issue on our end, pulling the wrong Client ID. Effectively, our treasurer started over and it works now. So either something we did was incorrect or something got fixed since we first tried.

This is one hint we got that might have been the issue: “We are using Smart PayPal Button and it automatically redirects you to the PayPal site depending on the clientid that was inputted by the user in the editunit.asp page. They should be getting the clientid from the live tab and not from the sandbox tab in paypal user dashboard.”

Can we update the How To Page (https://help.scoutbook.scouting.org/knowledge-base/paypal-payment-utility-sb/) to include a screen shot and specific instructions to be sure to get the clientdi from the live tab and not the sandbox tab? Might help a few folks in the future.

Thanks everyone for your help, especially @edavignon, @jacobfetzer & Bob Acker!

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@DavidMurrell thanks for the catch with the Sandbox vs Live, just saved me. I swear sandbox was in the original instructions & that’s why I set it like that a few months ago, but upon first test recently hit the issues above. It looks like the How-To page you linked has already been updated & now clearly says Live & shows it in the video.

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Glad it worked! It’s made communicating and collecting dues much easier and more efficient.