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Scoutbook problem

There seems to be a programming problem with Scoutbook with merit badge blue cards. Once the merit badge counselor finishes with approving a merit badge, if you print at that point, their signature will appear on the blue card. To actually move the merit badge to the purchase report, you need to have the Scoutmaster sign to approve. Once the Scoutmaster signs then the merit badge counselor’s signature disappears and the Scoutmaster signature as unit leader is present. Why can’t we have both signatures? If the Scoutmaster is the merit badge counselor and signs both as counselor and unit leader at the same time then the Scoutmaster’s signature appears in both places. Otherwise you have to choose whose signature you want electronically. I found this as a post over 1 year ago in the legacy system and the response was Scoutbook was operating appropriately as designed. If you have to choose one e-signature over the other is a purposefully chosen design, please explain what the benefit of this design is to scouting.

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