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MBC "digital" signature not appearing on Blue Card printout from Scoutbook

Followed all blue card procedures…manual and electronic…

The Scout misplaced his Applicant Record. I told him he could simply print the blue card from Scoutbook for his records. However, the counselor “digital” signature does not appear on the electronic version.

We are pursuing other means to have the counselor sign again, but is this a bug in Scoutbook?

There are other details to the issue below…

Is this a known problem?

Scouter Rob

Additional details…

A Scout recently started work on a MB. He came to me (unit leader) for the initial discussion and counselor assignment. I gave him physical blue card, and also completed the electronic tracking in Scoutbook (unit leader digital blue card signature, and assignment in Scoutbook of a counselor listed in our council.)

The Scout completed the MB with the counselor assigned. Counselor marked MB completed and approved in Scoutbook, but did not mark individual (in Scoutbook) requirements as complete…just the entire MB in one swoop…

The MB showed as completed, and approved by counselor. When I had the “outbrief” (I call it that) with the Scout, I signed the blue card and the electronic blue card in Scoutbook. The counselor approval then disappeared, and no counselor signature appears on the Scoutbook blue card.

MB still shows as marked completed by MBC.

For a different MB, where counselor signed off individual requirements, all is as it should be with digital blue card.

Send a screen shot of the Merit Badge Audit data like this

Screenshot 2020-02-10 13.54.30

It sounds like MBC is NOT marked in SB


I can take the screen shot, but do not know how to edit it down to just that portion to eliminate other personal data.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 14.04.00

It will say Counselor approved like this if the MBC completed in SB - then it will print on Blue card.


It was previously green, with “counselor approved” verbiage specifically there. I then marked it “Leader Approved” and everything went haywire.

How did you mark it leader approved? By clicking on that MB from the scout’s advancement page, or by using the needs approval report?

From the Scout’s advancement page.

Hmmm, it seems like it may be clearing out the MBC approval all together, possibly since that box doesn’t exist for you.

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