Scoutbook & Scoutbook Plus Updates - New Cub Scout Program

The new Cub Scout program, effective June 1, 2024 is now available in Scoutbook Plus. With this release all Cub Scout advancement tracking has been moved from the legacy Scoutbook user interface to the new Scoutbook Plus User Interface.

Clicking on any Cub Scout advancement link in the legacy Scoutbook user interface will direct the user to Scoutbook Plus.

Advancement for the old Cub Scout Program can be entered with completion dates through August 31, 2024 to allow Cub Scouts the opportunity to complete their current rank if they have an extension from their Pack Committee.

Even if you are an experienced Scoutbook user, we recommend you review the help guide below.

For help with Cub Scout advancement in Scoutbook Plus see

For more technical information see the change logs