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Scoutbook showing wrong requirements for First Class

My son earned his First Class on 9/11/18. I am trying to enter his info for the rank, but the page only shows the old requirements, he earned the rank under the new requirements and there is not a switch above the requirements to change it, as there is on other scouts pages.

Well the only thing national cares about is the DATE of the rank - the version is not relevant or ever seen.

Once a rank is marked as completed / earned, the toggle to select the version year goes away.

In order to get the toggle back, you would need to mark the rank as not completed / earned, which might require also removing the date from at least one of the underlying requirements. This might not be worth the time and effort, depending on which ranks he might have earned after First Class.

I’m the Committee Chair for the Troop, so I have full access to the info. We are trying to import all of our data from Troopmaster into Scout Book, and this has been the one snag. I have been able to manually update all other ranks previous to First Class, but now I am stuck because it won’t allow switching to the other requirements. Jack is about ready to receive his Life, then complete work for Eagle, and I just want to make sure there are no issues when it comes time for his Eagle Board of Review. I do of course have everything in his handbook, but it would be nice to print a report (which DOES show the correct requirements) and not have to fill it in by hand.

It shouldn’t make any difference, but if you want to change the requirement version year for First Class rank, you will first need to remove the overall completion and approval from his Star rank.

And the Scoutbook code “rolls up”, so if underlying requirements are completed, then it will be marked as completed overall. So you will need to remove the completion date for at least one requirement from Star rank.

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