First class rank reqs suddenly missing for a scout

Apparently, this is a new one. I am the AC for my troop and have a SC scout who completed all but the final req (#13) for his FC rank. This was verified the day before his BoR was scheduled. He fulfilled the BoR req #13 and when I went into SB, all his FC requirements had disappeared.
There was no computer glitch that I saw. His FC reqs were just missing.
What happened? How do I get that info back? He has most of his reqs in his scoutbook, but not all. Do I just reenter what he has? Estimate the ones he doesn’t have? Wait for them to reappear?
I would appreciate some guidance. The scout is Nathan Y. BSA #131370130
Tia… yis. Roger Blank T-93 AC

I think the Scout got switched to the 2022 version of the rank

You can click on the version year button to switch back to the 2016 requirements

First Class rank requirements toggle

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Jennifer, you and Donavan are awesome!
I had spoken to other leaders and then the DE at our council and no one could figure it out. So simple. Don’t know how it got changed, but I’m glad the fix was easy.

Thanks again…
Roger Blank T-93 AC (always ready to learn something new)

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