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Switch Scout's requirement year for rank already awarded?

I’m attempting to add rank requirement dates for an older Scout. Some of his earlier rank requirements were under pre-2016 requirements, but I can’t get those requirements to appear.

He’s already marked as having those ranks rewarded, I assume via IA, but the requirement dates are empty. When I attempt to populate them, only the 2016 requirements are appearing. I’ve tried the quick entry form, but that disabled his name when older requirements are selected.

I tried clearing out his awarded dates, but I can’t totally clear the “earned” date - it keeps populating with a different date when I save, so the rank date selector doesn’t appear. Is there a different method I should be using? Is this a bug?

I’m blanking out his more current requirements. I tried to blank out the actual rank I’m trying to enter, but SB wants me to start from his most recent and work backwards. I figure if I can’t blank out the current rank, I can’t blank out the older ones either. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

Thanks for any help

The version year doesn’t really matter. But if you want to change it, you would have to start with the most recent rank, remove the “Approved / Recorded” and “Awarded” checkboxes, then Save. Then remove the Date earned. Once the date earned has been removed, the toggle for the version year will be visible again.

Next, go through and remove the dates for the version years of the ranks that you want to change, then you can work your way back up again.

@PaulGardner1, I’m confused. If the Rank Badge was previously entered as Completed and Awarded via Internet Advancement, why are you going back and touching his previous rank requirements, unless you find that something was entered incorrectly.


First, I should say I’m new at this. And we’re currently in the process of switching to ScoutBook from another system. Due to that, the only dates filled in are the awarded and approved/recorded values.

Second, one of our scouts recently went through his Eagle board of review having earned some of his ranks with older requirements. Due to that, some of the dates on the Individual history report were empty as requirements had been added to the rank after he earned it. From what I was told (this was right before my taking over the Adv chair position), having blank dates on that report made the review…contentious.

So I’m trying to avoid that. The only way I can see to do that is to take those older ranks and assign the correct year.


Thanks, but that’s not working for me. When I remove the date earned and hit save, a new date appears that, possibly by coincidence, matches the date of the ScoutMaster conference. I’m not able to actually clear the date.

Is there something else I have to clear first? Both checkboxes are unchecked, and I hit save before clearing the date.

Kind of a 3 step process. Clear awarded > Save > Clear Approved > Save > Clear Date > Save - that should get you where you need. Then you can hand the Guide to Advancement to you Districts Advancement chair as they are outside its guidance on Eagle BORs.


SB hates me. That process is not working. See attachment for what I’m seeing.Screenshots.docx (77.1 KB)

ok - one other thought - you are going to have to start with the highest rank first and leave it cleared to get to the other ranks - I see this one is Tenderfoot.

@PaulGardner1 I have time this morning to do a screenshare if you want

I can’t do a screenshare - I’m at work and that’s not allowed here.

I’m duplicating the issue on my son’s account - his most recent rank is Tenderfoot. Since SB is new to me, I’m not sure what kind of alerts or whatever go out, and I’m concerned with changing someone else’s data when I don’t know exactly what will happen. Esp. removing awards from Life all the way down. Hoping to to that VERY quickly when I get the process ironed out.

I will be available for a screenshare from around 4pm EST. Can I post to this topic at that time with someone available to respond?

Perhaps one of the requirements needs to be uncompleted as well.

Even with approval and date earned removed, all the requirements are still completed, so the rank is effectively earned as of completion of the last requirement. The green check box with “Earned”, and the September date in your example seem consistent with this.

@PaulGardner1 - if the date of rank being earned is correct then that is all that is needed. There is no real reason to go back and enter the date of the requirements. This should be of little concern.

@PaulGardner1 Many ranks in Scoutbook will autocomplete. So if all of the requirements for a rank are complete, then Scoutbook will automatically mark the entire rank as completed. Is that what is happening here? I cannot tell from your screenshot if the individual requirements are also marked completed.


It seems so, although I haven’t tested that yet. All the individual requirements are filled on my son’s (aka the ‘test’) account.

The rank is picking up the ScoutMaster conference as the completion date, and not the BOR, which is a bit confusing for me as there is more I don’t understand about when a rank is considered ‘earned’ that I thought.

Rank is earned on the BOR date. We have a story in the backlog to ensure they match. In the case of the rank date being the SMC date, does that have the latest date in Scoutbook?

No. The SMC date is 9/21/19, which is what SB is populating the rank date with when I clear it. The BOR date is 10/1, which I’ve been entering manually.

You need to remove a completed requirement (any of them), or else Scoutbook will keep autocompleting.

typo in the BOR year, says 2017

William, good catch!

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