Scoutbook vs Advacements

What are you supposed to use vs.

The Advancements site has a better look & feel and appears snappier than Scoutbook.

Is one to be used over the other?


They have different types of functionality. Internet Advancement 2 is ultimately going to replace Scoutbook, due to aging of the code base for Scoutbook. However, there are a lot of features in Scoutbook (calendar, messaging, tracking of individual requirements vs only entire ranks/awards) that have not yet been implemented and/or released in IA2. Some features (e.g. activity logs, many reports) have been entirely ported to IA2, and the Scoutbook link actually redirects into IA2. IA2 relies almost entirely on registered position to control access to functions. Scoutbook allows assigning “functional” access to registered scouters, without strict access limits based on their exact registered position (as long as they are, in fact, registered scouters).

You can read more about the two platforms at Some of the information is dated, but it still gives you a feel

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I could not have asked for a better explanation! Thank you.

Do you what the ‘Awarded’ status is for? Is that something I need to be sure to go in and mark as ‘Awarded’ after our Pack meetings for the adventure loops/pins and badges?


Yes. Each badge has 3, sort of 4 statues. I’m not looking at Scoutbook, but basically (exact wording may be different):
-Leader Approved
-To be purchased (on the needs to be purchased report)
-Awarded (went from the store to the Scout/Cub)


Just to clarify terminology, when you say “Internet Advancement 2 is ultimately going to replace Scoutbook”…

Was “Internet Advancement 1” just plain Scoutbook?


Internet Advancement was the old (ancient?) interface into the national advancement system. You had to have an access code, and “user-friendly” might be the last phrase I would use to describe it.

Scoutbook originated as a third-party web app for unit-level tracking. If I recall correctly, it used to export a file formatted for upload into Internet Advancement, or maybe it pushed the file directly. It’s been a while since BSA purchased Scoutbook, and changed how it interfaced to the official advancement database. Now, both Scoutbook and IA2 write directly to the official advancement database.

To expand on Awarded - if marked the item will NOT go on a purchase order. So if you need to buy it do not mark awarded till you do


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