Scoutbook Youth Protection Notice in emails


It was brought to my attention today by another leader that when I send out my emails the YPT notice at the end can be deterring some youth because it says to CC your parents:

“Scouts! In keeping with Youth Protection’s no one-on-one contact rules, please remember to CC your parents when replying to this message.
Adults! In keeping with Youth Protection’s no one-on-one contact rules, please remember to CC any Scout’s parents if you include a Scout in a reply.”

Unfortunately, some of our youth are from broken homes and are deterred by this wording because if they “must include a parent” they are afraid to reply or they have no reliable way to reach a “parent”. The youth do not read this as “other adult”. They literally read this as parents.

To be more inclusive to those with dystopic homes, this really should read CC another adult versus parent. In keeping with YPT, another adult must always be involved or present and not necessarily a parent.


I’m pretty sure this is part of the Feature Assistant Extension. You can choose not to use it by unchecking the box next to “Include Youth Protection Notice in youth messages”.


I actually figured that out about 2 minutes ago. lol. Is there an advantage to using the Feature Assistant? We used it for Black Pug imports but our Council no longer uses Black Pug. I’m wondering if I need it at all now?

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I use the extension for all sorts of stuff. It includes additional MBC interface tools, a number of reports that I use, duplication of events (a key tool IMHO for managing the calendar), and various other things.

I’d suggest going through the list of features in the extension documentation to see which ones would be useful for you/scouters in your unit. You can always disable it in the browser interface, then turn it back on when you want one of the features.

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