Unable to email Scout even while including parents or SM in all combinations of them

I am trying to email a Scout + Parent through Send Message but seeing YPT compliance error “To comply with Youth Protection please include another valid leader or parent/guardian.”

1 - Scout + Mother - Reports compliance failure
2 - Scout + Mother + Father (also ASM in Troop) - Reports compliance failure
3 - Scout + Father - Reports compliance failure
4 - Scout + Scoutmaster(non-parent) - Reports compliance failure
5 - only Scoutmaster - Successful

Both parents function in Scoutbook for their leadership roles in the 2 different units they are part of. I haven’t been aware of any SB “relationship” issues between them. Scout had been our calendar editor and used SB up until all of the issues with email started.

Scout’s SB User ID - ScoutUserID=1604612
BSA ID - 14180517

it seems you have to have 2 Leaders on message (that does not count you as sender) - am checking on this

OH @DaveBuckley if you select your self and one other it works - you HAVE to select yourself

So a selected non-leader parent is never being counted for the YPT compliance checks?

Don’t use this function often but being the sender and CC, would have thought that would have counted as 2.

I thought the same thing as a sender - still testing

That’s not the case. It wasn’t counting you because you didn’t select yourself.

Really could use some better error messaging.

Regardless, I did include 2 others that qualify under parent or leader categories.

Well if I recall it is only Leader that count, cause we know they are real accounts as opposed to a made up random adult

There is a Scout / Parent Relationship defined under both users in both sections of send message.

Do recall the Send Message also automatically CC’ing parents on emails. I can’t recall whom I selected for the adult recipients.

So to me the relationships are in SB but isn’t used even though its part of the error message.

In the past, if I sent a message to a scout, their parent was auto copied and we met YPT requirements even if the parent wasn’t registered.

When the parent opted out of email, the system would not allow the message to be sent unless I also selected a second adult. I always chose a registered volunteer.

In each case, I didn’t have to manually select me.

At least in this case both parents are BSA registered & active Scouters.

Only the Father is involved with the Troop but he very infrequently read his emails.

I was trying to use the mother as the selected parent contact as I know she communicates all the time with email.

Certainly feel selecting 1 parent that is linked to a recipient Scout plus the Scoutmaster, should meet the YPT criteria for communications.

Wonder how MBC communicate with SB messages if they are not in the same unit. Are they able to select the Scouts’ units leader or can they pick parents if 2 are linked in SB?

The MBC is one of the 2 adults, to meet YPT, the 2 adults on the message need not be in the same unit, nor do they need to be 2 in addition to the sender. I don’t know how it selects between parents or if it copies both.

I believe your example would work if the MBC is registered with another Unit. However if the MBC is not enrolled with another unit, uncertain if their view has other registered Scouters included.(possibly council??)

Regardless all of the communication guidelines specify a parent would count for meeting the no direct contact rules.

MBC are fully registered volunteers. They only don’t count, if that is their only position, for overnight camping starting Sept 1st.

A parent and the MBC are the 2 adults. No others are required.

This has nothing to do with the new camping rules.

My point with the unitless MBC, if they can’t select the Scout’s parent, how can they select a 2nd registered leader? There is no option to add a registered leader from a different Unit.

The current YPT compliance in Scoutbook is not counting the directly connected parent(also a registered Pack Scouter) but only actual Unit leaders.

I was able to send the Scout a message when sent to his ASM Father whom rarely reads email + Scoutmaster.

I finally understand your problem statement. :slight_smile:

In my desire to be helpful, especially since I wasn’t in the last few posts in this thread, I had the opportunity to screen share with a friend who is “just” an MBC with no other connections or affiliations.

Some of the “hint” text explained all of this, at least I think. @DaveBuckley , you’ll have to let me know if this was already known and that I am still off track.

He was consoling a scout, but not using Scoutbook. So, I connected him, and he logged in to see what could be seen (like the guy who went over the mountain).

So, he went to message the Scout, based on my direction, in the normal messaging way. That is where we found the first message that was outdated in a lot of ways and not very helpful. “In order to use this page you must be part of an active pack or troop subscription.” Ok. No longer exactly true, but we got the point.


We went back to the main screen and checked out the “merit badge counselor” box. That is what I think of the area that says “My Merit Badge Counseling”. From there he chose “Send Message for Counselor”. Odd wording. It maybe is more of a “Send Message as Counselor” or something like that. The message is from the counselor, not for.

Once there, he had no one to message until he selected the MB in question. He then could clink on the Scouts picture. In the fine print, I think it answers your questions. “The Unit Key 3 will be copied in the email if the selected scout does not have a Parent or Guardian connection”
“The Unit Key 3 will be copied in the email if the selected scout’s Parent or Guardian does not have an email address or opted not to receive notifications.” Maybe should be emails vs notifications.

Is this what you were looking for? This allowed him to message the Scout. The message was received by the scout. Since the Scout was my daughter, I could see that she received it (the Scout), I received, and my wife received it.

I wasn’t looking for MBC contact specifically as this problem originated with communication within our Troop. With what it seems like flawed YPT compliance checking that is implemented in Scoutbook at least with Send Message. Scout plus connected parent(whom is BSA registered in a pack) and Scoutmaster fails to send a message in Scoutbook, To get this to work I have to add either myself or another Scout leader including people whom never read email.

My thought was that an MBC would have difficulty emailing a Scout based on the same issue but possibly that functionality is implemented with its own rules.

With the compliance failures, the people aren’t listed as “no emails”?

Well, at least we know how this works.

MBC sends message to Scout. Parent or Parents are copied. If no parent has email, then the key 3 are copied.

MBCs don’t use normal messaging if not connected to unit.