Scouting America Branding Update

Our pack has nearly 50% female scouts now, but much of the branding around Scoutbook and the templates used for event emails all have the old BSA logos. I assumed there would be an update once the name was changed to Scouts BSA, but the old logo remains, even on the top of this site. Is there a timeline you can share for when the Scouting America branding will be added to our resources? Further - is there a plan or feature to allow customization of templates for email alerts so we can have Pack-specific branding?

Cubmaster Brian Bedard - Pack 256

@BrianBedard - the release said the change will occur Feb 2025. On the custom templates most likely a no. As far as timelines that would also not be released.

Beyond that we are all volunteers here…nobody from national is here


you can always look here - Cookie Consent - BSA Brand Center

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