New Calendar Feedback - Cold & Corporate

Is there a place to give feedback on the new Calendar? Is there a way to change who the email is FROM? I would like to say that sending ANY communication from the Pack, Den or Troop should be more personal. The new format is very cold and SPAM looking. The “Boy Scouts of America” is not sending the reminder. When our unit communicates, we try to be inclusive as 1/3 of our scouts are female and most leaders in our Pack are female. The new format definitely puts the ‘Boy’ back in scouting. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter in scouting and have grown accustomed to calling us the BSA and Cub Scouting or Scouts BSA. Our Troop has already jumped ship and left Scoutbook and now does everything in TroopWebHost. I like Scoutbook and don’t want to follow their lead. Please make the communication system more flexible.

The ASAP message is different from the Scheduled Reminders

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Why is the ASAP message different? It all should be the same as the reminder. When someone responds is should also to back to the original sender like Scoutbook does.
When is this going to be fixed?


Thank you for reporting this. I have reported it to the developers.

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