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Please add “My Posts” to the Scouting forums dropdown menu.
Current (2021-10-06) dropdown menu:


@Bill_W - this seem like a discourse default and not certain if that can be modified in any way.


Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of your forum window then select Activity. This will display all of your posts and allow you to download them.

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How to download all your posts via User button

I understand that means to:

1, Click on user button (at right of menu button):
2. Chick on human button::
3. Click on Activity:
4. Download all


Created 2021-10-06, Version 2021-10-06-A

To: @Stephen_Hornak
Cc: @edavignon

Original post (OP) was:

Stephen replied

OP has not been solved.

Next steps:

  1. Find admin. guides for for Scouting and check them.
  2. Check with the forums design and implementation folks.

Version 2021-10-07-A - NOT SOLVED


The menu is a function of discourse which the BSA has no control over. If you do not believe the instructions I provided are sufficient, you will need to make a request for an enhancement at https://meta,discourse,org

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