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Scouts missing from attendance

I saw in the DLE changelog that the attendance issue with new scouts not showing up was fixed - but I am still experiencing the issue. All my older scouts show up on the den roster, but the new ones that recently joined do not show on the meetings and are not available to take attendance for.

If it matters, I did run the DLE schedule for this den pretty early on before they locked down editing meetings in Scoutbook, and I’m pretty sure I edited every meeting as the dates were all wrong (this was before we could edit meetings in DLE).

Amy suggestions how to fix the current meetings so the entire den is invited?

Hi, Justin. The new Scouts should be catching up nightly. If you’re still experiencing missing Scouts, please let me know and we can take a look at your specific den.

Yes I’m still experiencing this.

Justin, did these Scouts get added between 9/19 - 9/21? If so, we are aware of an issue during this time and are working to correct. If done before/after this time frame, please provide the following:
Council Name and Number
District Name
Unit Name
Den name

Thanks for responding!

They were added 9/10, and I had other scouts added the same day that are showing up fine in their dens, it’s just this den causing me issues. Also all the scouts (new & old) show up when I look at the roster in DLE, but the new scouts are missing when I attempt to take attendance at a meeting - only the two scouts that joined last spring show up on the attendance list.

The info you requested:

  • Simon Kenton Council 441
  • Buckeye District
  • Tiger Den 4 Boys

Ok, we will take a look.

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