Den Leaders showing up in scoutbook but not Den Leader Experience


I have a den leader who shows up in scoutbook - as a “den admin / den leader” but does not show up as a den leader in Den Leader Experience. Is there a way to push information from one to the other?

Clif McCormick - cubmaster - Pack 3271 - chattanooga tn

post the BSA # and we can take a look - not sure what you mean by SHOWS UP - can they not log in to DLE?

Sure – how do I find out what my BSA # is? Pack 3271 is all I know.

By SHOWS UP I mean, when she looks at DLE, she sees a list of leaders for her daughter (who is in her den in Scoutbook) but she is not one of those leaders. I’ve asked for more info…

Post the Den Leaders BSA # - under edit profile in Scoutbook or from roster - or it is someone not registered but acting as a den leader

Got it. 13707983

Edit to remove the name. We only need the BSA #.

Is she logging in with her my.scouting username? It appears to be the same as her email address but without

This individual is registered as a Tiger Den Leader but is listed in Scoutbook as leading the Wolf den. That could be the problem. I recommend having the Charter Org Rep log in to, go to Menu → Roster → Position Manager → Registered Positions and move her from Tiger Den Leader to Den Leader then wait 24 hours and try DLE again.

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The other issue (if she is looking at the roster in Den Leader Experience - DLE), it doesn’t show the den leader as den leader if they also have a scout in the den. It lists them as parent/guardian. I have reported this to the developers, but they don’t see this as an issue as only the den leaders have access to DLE and thus parents don’t actually see this roster listing.

If the issue is accessing the DLE program at all, then it may be solved by some of the things listed above. It does appear she is registered.

If any of the suggestions fail to help, let me know Clif and I can help you locally.


Thanks, Zach… I’ll try some of the steps above and see what happens, then get back to you. Incidentally, I am also a parent and a den leader (although in my case I show up as one in Scoutbook and DLE but NOT and I don’t have the same issue.

Blessing in disguise.

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