Times do not match from Scoutbook to DLE

I have seen several posts about this issue. However, no update provided. I have ran into an issue that I cannot take any attendance for my scouts until an hour after it starts because DLE will not allow you to take attendance early. Can we please move this up on the priority list? Now that we created the calendar through DLE, we are stuck with this BETA and cannot take attendance in Scoutbook for the Den Meetings.

It also appears that when you mark them in attendance for the meeting, it doesn’t reflect that in the scouting app. It says “:frowning:Missed Out”. And then you can click on catch up.

This is being looked at. It is inherently a time zone issue. DLE captures the time zone, but Scoutbook reports everything in Central Time.

I am having the same issue. It caused one of my parents to show up an hour early. They were not too happy

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