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Scouts Sending Emails to the Troop

In our troop, we have been encouraging our parents to invite their scouts to Scoutbook. When the scout is ready for their eagle project, the plan was for the scout to send an email out to the entire troop informing them of his/her eagle project.

I have a scout who has been invited by their parent to join Scoutbook. When I was showing him how to send emails, all of the leaders were shown, but only a few of the parents (who are not leaders) were appearing. Does the scout need to hold a certain leadership to be able to send emails out to the entire troop?

I know that the SPL can send out emails to the entire troop from Scoutbook.

not sure - from my son’s account I see all adults. Have the adults accepted their connection to their own scout?

My son sees all the parents, including those who have never connected, and he does not have a POR.

How (using what path) was the scout getting to the messaging interface?

OK my Scout has no POR. He sees adults he is connected to and adults he is not connected to. He sees parents out side of his patrol that he is not connected to. Trying to think of all the possibilities.

In a Troop, an adult needs to have at least a View Profile connection to the Scout in order for the adult to mail the Scout or the Scout to mail the adult.

In a pack, no connection is needed.

its one of the odd Scoutbook things!

The scout logged in using a web browser (safari on iPhone). Then clicked on my dashboard, messages, send message.

@DonovanMcNeil & @GaryFeutz Thank you for your responses.

I would say that 99% of all the parents have logged in and set up their Scoutbook accounts.

I had a different scout who is currently not holding a leadership responsibility log in and try to send a message. He was able to see all of the parents, even the ones outside his patrol and don’t have connections to him.

Maybe its just an error somewhere in the Scoutbook coding. I understand that Scoutbook has many moving parts so it can be hard to isolate the problem. Ill continue to troubleshoot and see if there is a solution.

Just more background information on the scout. This scout is currently holding the Librarian position.

Hrm…I have a test scout account in my troop (i.e. not registered or synched with Nationals for advancement) and I was able to create an email to all of our adults and youth.

Try having the scout go in via My Dashboard -> My Advancement -> click on patrol name at the top of the screen -> Messages -> Send Message and see if that works. I recall in the past that there were some glitches there.

Also, did we ask whether the scout was logging in with my.scouting credentials or not? It shouldn’t matter, I think, assuming that the scout doesn’t have a my.scouting login.

Okay, Ill have the scout try that and see if it works.

Perhaps you didn’t understand my earlier response. Parents logging in is irrelevant.

Go to your Troop Roster, and look at your Connection Manager. If parents are not connected to the Scout trying to sent the email, neither the parent nor their child will be accessible. The parents need at least View Profile access.

@GaryFeutz nope. Z can message parents that have no connection to him

Then something changed. In Packs you didn’t need a connection but in Troops you did. I don’t recall seeing a change released

I thought that was only related to the adults sending emails. Did it impact the youth, too?

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How many entries does this scout have under current membership?

I went in the Connection Manager. The scout in question does have multiple parents who can view his profile. However, when I met with the scout last night, I only recall seeing 2 parents under the parent category list. I have ask the scout to try log in again and send me a screenshot of what he is seeing.

The Scout has one past membership and one current membership. The past membership is with our troop from January 1, 2018 to January 1 2019. The current membership is with our troop, and he is listed under his patrol from January 1, 2019. It has the green badge next to the current membership.

Our troop hopped on Scoutbook when it became free last year, so that is why there is a past membership. We were not using Scoutbook prior to 2019.

You might try going into that one current membership and click update without changing anything (making sure position approved is checked). That can sometimes reset things.

Because of all the uncertainties and corner cases when it comes to SB communication tools, I just have Eagle candidates send me their information and I send it to the troop.

It goes against the grain of my wish that Scouts could be responsible for their own communication, but the comm tools seem unreliable.

I followed your instructions, but the scout is still seeing just his parents in the parent section.

At this point, I’d suggest sending an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Include a description of the issue, the scout’s name, and bsa member number. Tell them that the SUAC has provided suggestions in the forums, and nothing has worked. As them to investigate the cause of this. When you get an automated email back, post the ticket number back here.