Adult leaders unable to email scouts and parents

At least 2 of our Adult Leaders (both are ASMs) are unable to send a message from Scoutbook to other scouts, parents, etc. One uses hotmail, but the other uses gmail. Any idea how to remedy this issue? Thanks, Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer - did you notice the banner at the top of the forums

yes, which is why I pointed out that one of them was Gmail as that wasn’t listed as being a problem in the banner. I use Gmail and can send emails to other scouts/parents. These 2 leaders don’t even have the option of selecting scouts/parents to send a message to, which seems like a different problem than the one mentioned in the banner. Is there another possible solution?

@TanyaSteinhofer - the personal email has little to do with being able to send email within scoutbook. That is a connection manager thing. They need to be connected to scouts with at least view rights

What specifically are the issues being observed? Are they not seeing the messaging interface, unable to send a message using the interface, or they appear to have sent a message but it’s not received by some or all of the people?

The last issue is what @Stephen_Hornak getting at before. If the user is unable to access the send message interface or unable to select certain recipients, that might indicate a different issue.

This sounds like it’s unrelated to the banner issue. I’d start by verifying that those scouters show the same BSA ID number in Scoutbook and at my.scouting. If those match, then, I would check what their connections are to the scouts (use Connections Manager). They need a minimum of View Profile/View Advancement to send messages, if I recall correctly.

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I believe they just need to be connected with View Profile (minimum).

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I just looked at Connections Manager and a bunch of our Adult Leaders only have access to their child’s profile. Who typically assigns rights in SB and is there an easy way to give all our Adult Leaders View Profile access so they can send messages to all scouts/parents/leaders?

Connections are only automatically assigned for Parents (who are connected to their scouts as such), Unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, and Unit/Subunit Admins. Everyone else (I think) has to be assigned manually.

Depending on how many people you’re talking about, it might be easiest to install the Feature Assistant Extension (Feature Assistant - What is it?) and use the Permissions by Position tool in that to assign the connection types. It’s fairly straightforward, but requires using either Firefox or Chrome as your browser to function.

That said, it is pretty easy to do in Scoutbook’s Connections Manager for a small number of scouters by clicking on each Scouter’s name, particularly if they all have different positions. That’s less of an issue at the troop level, since folks generally fall into the groupings of either ASM, committee member or Key 3. In packs, there are a lot of other registered positions (DL, ADL…) that could need access where it might be less convenient to use permissions by position when you only have one person who needs access in some of the registered positions.

ETA: I should note that Permissions by Position and assigning connections in Connection Manager only works for the individuals who are on the roster at the time. It doesn’t connect scouters to scouts who join the roster after the connections are made, nor will it automatically connect scouters who are not on the roster when the connection process is run. In essence, it’s a manual periodic maintenance task to make sure everyone has the correct permissions. I’ve found it’s easiest to re-run the process when new scouts or scouters join the roster.

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After some looking, I found the Permission by Position tool, but in it, all positions have View Profile selected, yet at least 2 of our ASMs can’t send messages and in Connections Manager, most of our Adult Leaders have no View Profile selected, so it would seem the Permissions by Position tool is not working as intended. Do I need to manually go through each leader and add View Profile so they can send messages?

What you’re seeing are the “defaults” for the tool. They have not necessarily been applied yet. You can modify those if desired, then run the tool (i.e press the big red “Update” button).

ETA: There are instructions for each of the Feature Assistant tools here:

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@TanyaSteinhofer - you can call me at 609- 577-4710 and we can work on it but not a bug


Permissions by position does not automatically set permissions because it is part of the feature assistant extension. It only sets permissions when you run the tool.

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