AOL cannot add elective, not even the required one

AOL Quick Entry accepted “Protect Yourself Rules (AOL)” as an elective and seems to have locked the advancement record for the scout. I cannot add the correct elective adventure “Build It”.

Scroll all the way down. You should see the elective adventures there? It is based on dates. Of Built It has an earlier date, it should replace Protect Yourself Rules.

Your AOL ‘quick add’ interface has a check box for ‘elective completed’. I checked it.


The required elective must be added before using the AOL quick add.

I completed the quick add. Now, I CANNOT ADD THE ELECTIVE. I KNOW IT IS THERE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. If I click on the elective, I get bounced out to another screen. I would tell you which, but it’s late and my pc is off.

Why don’t you test as described? After AOL Completion entered through quick add, NO ELECTIVES AT ALL CAN BE ADDED. The quick add takes the pamphlet as the required elective.

FIX THE PROGRAM. The user is not the problem.

My ID is. 12639456 Try it as me.
Kathleen Hughes. Son Jack Hughes.

And again, for lack of the correct entry on the printout, I will buy a Build It adventure pin off eBay. Someday. Sad.

My son’s enrollment must move to his Troop by the end of May so we can go to summer camp. The time window to do this properly is rapidly dwindling.

The only people here are volunteers. They are trying to help you get what you need and identify bugs and suggest fixes. They have no real control of the fixes.

Sorry for the tone. The one time I touch the app I bang into three different bugs and the kid’s achievements cannot be registered officially. How can I be the first to see these bugs? It is mind boggling.

I thought this information was going to the GUI programmers. The bugs are the result of logical errors in the code, not user error.

It looks like your first question relates to the Scoutbook web interface, whereas the second snapshot looks like the Scouting mobile app. The former can be used by leaders to enter data for their scouts, but the app can only be used by scouts or parents to enter information for themselves/their own scout. Leaders can’t use the app to edit scout data.

FYI, for Scouting app bugs, there’s actually a separate channel on the discourse server: Scouting Mobile App - Scouting Forums

The mods may be able to migrate the app-related post over and alert someone who works more closely with the app developers.

The app fails because no den number is applied. Waiting for District to apply Scoutmaster role to the currently designated Scoutmaster’s account. Waiting.

You can see in the photo of the original post, on PC, the Scoutbook put the "Protect Yourself Rules’ in the slot that should be an elective. And I cannot add the elective ‘Build It’. No other electives can be added once AOL is completed through the Quick tool.

In principle, the CC and COR should also be unit admins, and be able to designate someone else as a unit admin in Scoutbook. Having a “Scoutbook coordinator” who is designated as a unit admin in Scoutbook has been a huge benefit to us in managing things (like assigning subunits, helping parents and scouts resolve problems, managing permissions, etc) in Scoutbook. Scoutbook unit admins obviously can’t assign/fix issues with the official unit roster.

If that’s the only issue with the app, then a designated unit admin can assign cubs to their dens in Scoutbook and resolve that issue. That doesn’t have to wait for the CM to get properly designated, per se, as long as the assigned unit admin is a registered leader.

Hunh. That’s a very different behavior from Scoutbook than I was used to when I was a den leader. We had scouts working on “extra” stuff pretty much until they crossed over.

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I reported Scoutbook bugs here, clearly and accurately.
I received disapproval about my tone, and some commentary about how things should be, how my admin people should be helping me, how district should just sell me whatever, how CC could just fix it all if only… I was given directions I clearly did not need, as if I am the problem, but I am not the problem. I was even criticized on the quality of the screen image I posted, in which, you can see the Protect Yourself Rules are shown in the elective slot where they should not be. When I mention i cannot add an elective, not even the one required elective, it means I click on the elective and the screen changes to MyDashboard. I’ll never come back to this board. I can live without the nonsense directed at me. (Two replies were deleted by owner.) 2 yr den leader, 2 yr cubmaster, 1 yr covid. Ready to quit.

Because the Scout has Cyber Chip marked as complete, Scoutbook correctly marked Protect Yourself Rules as an elective adventure. The Build It adventure is not marked complete. If it is completed with a date before Protect Yourself Rules, it will be inserted in the elective adventure requirement for Arrow of Light.

Scoutbook appears to be working correctly.


Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

@kathleenhughes - why do I suspect that your scout is not in a den in scoutbook or has an odd membership state. Now a scoutmaster would have little to do with a pack

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