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Sea Scout Long Cruise in Report Builder

We can generate service hour and camping report, but no way to generate a Long Cruise report.

Hi, Tony,

You can at least pull the data (if not in a convenient format) via My Dashboard -> My Units -> Ship Reports -> Export/Backup -> Camping/Hiking/Long Cruise/Service logs

ETA: I’m extrapolating from the troop interface, since I’m assuming that the ships have access similar to the troops.

Similar discussion here.

You can only get a report for Service, Camping, and Hiking.

We do need the Service Hours and Camping, but not Hiking.

For requirements we need to have the Long Cruise data. We can enter it and see it on each Scout’s account individually, but it would be nice to have it as the other reports.

Bummer. I assumed it would export the Long Cruise data, since the title includes it even on the troop side. Sounds like it’s either an export bug (doesn’t export what it’s supposed to) or a titling bug (says it exports more than it’s meant to).

Anybody from SUAC know which?

Long Cruise data is part of the Export / Backup csv file. I do not think it is part of the Activity Log report.

That is correct. Looking to have it as a concise report if possible like the others.