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Export Camping, Hiking, Service Logs as CSV

It’s great that the custom reports can be exported as CSV so that we can edit and manipulate the data.

Please add this functionality to the camping, hiking, and service logs.

Thank you

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You can do this now in a couple different ways:

  1. Export / Backup from the main unit page (Troop XXX -> Export / Backup).
  2. There is a “CSV” button on a Scout’s individual log page.

I don’t see that at all. When I got to the Export/Backup link, I get a pop-up with “Choose Data to Export”. But none of those provide options - when I click any link, I get an automatic download of a massive set of data that is essentially unusable.

What I am asking for is to simply add an “Export CSV” link to the Camping, Hiking, and Service log reports - the exact link that already exists for all custom reports.

OK, we can pass your request on to the developers.

Thank you.

However, I should also mention that the only reason I need those reports is because Scoutbook doesn’t automatically update awards as requirements are completed. Please see my other feature request to “cross pollinate requirements”. That’s a much higher priority request, and if it was done, I wouldn’t care about this one because I wouldn’t have to pull these reports just to fill in requirements of other awards

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