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Can adults be entered to service project activity logs via quick entry?

Amended issue:
Service Hours entered by Adults do not appear on Activity Reports, only on Service Log Exports.
Unit Admins should have ability to enter Service Hours for Adults in their unit, or at least have a method that prompts adults to painlessly “accept/approve” service hours being added to their record by a Unit Admin.

Can adults be entered to service project activity logs via quick entry?
I only see Scouts listed. How do I enter adults for Service Projects? This would be a helpful tool that does actually tie out & work with the current calendar, to at least generate a list of who attended and worked for later entry into the legacy Service Project tracking site.

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Adults currently are not able to enter log data for other adults. This is on the backlog to change but it requires a rewrite of the security system in Scoutbook so it is not a simple change. I do not believe it will be scheduled for the foreseeable future.

That’s a shame. I’m sure we all could count on one hand the number of adults in our units that would go in and log their own service project data.

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Even if you could get the data in there, getting it back out wouldn’t be feasible anyway. You can’t readily view this data by going to an adult’s profile. There is currently no way short of a full CSV export, I believe, to retrieve the adult logs.

Bulk updating & retrieval of adult logs would be a great feature to add. It would be useful for a number of different things, including pulling data for JTE and determining which adults are eligible for nomination to OA by the committee.

So, are you saying that even if adults enter their own Service Hours… running the Activity Log reports for Service fails to show them?
If so, add that as another log on the fire, please, SUAC.

Hi, Daniel,

That’s my understanding. I haven’t figured out a way to get it to display the adults’ logs.

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I will add that if the export of logs is run then that will capture adult entries. The activity reports however is scout based only.

That report should be fixed. What possible reason would a unit have for not wanting to see the adults also putting in time for service hours? Or at least make it a selection point prior to generating the report if there is some reason I can’t think of…

Yes, what @Stephen_Hornak wrote is a better explanation of what I meant. “Full CSV export” should have been:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Export/Backup -> Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise and Service Logs

It would also appear in the full backup, but you don’t need to get the bathwater just to get the baby.

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I amended my OP above to now include the bug concerning reports and request solution.

In order to support adding and viewing other adult logs, the security system of Scoutbook needs a major overhaul. I do not believe it will happen for the foreseeable future.

There really should be a running list somewhere or requested fixes features that make sense or where functionality is severely impaired but will not happen for the foreseeable future.
Does this exist? If not, why not?

There is a list but the BSA does not make it publicly available.

I would also add to the adult thing the ability for logs entered in scoutbook to be auto added to the internet service hours. seems crazy we have to enter that in 2 sites still. I imagine a report for service hours in scoutbook would show much more hours than recorded in the internet link…

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That would be great, but the logs have a few deficiencies and would be under reporting at the moment. For one thing, there is no way to record non-member youth. Also, adults must record their own hours. So, you can imagine how well that will go. These are items in the backlog, but I don’t know when they will be worked.