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Sending a message with Attachments

I cannot send a message with attachments from SB anymore? Is this a known issue with SB after the domain change?
I have changed the location of the saved PDFs from my ODB to the hard drive and it didn’t help. They are 2 PDFs around 500kb.
It goes to the files uploading box, never passes 0%, then switches to sorry, your message cannot be sent.

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@HannahWitherite - it looks like you captured something. Most likely an internal link is not pointing correctly. It does seem to send without attachments.

I managed to send some with attachments today. So, it’s not clear to me what the bug is.

I just sent myself test messages with an attachment. Since you are trying to send 2 PDFs, are they in the same directory on your computer? Are you able to send a single file?

I just tried to send each file on it’s own to myself and they went, but I cannot send both files on one message. Is there a size limit? They are both in the same directory.

There appears to be an issue with sending multiple files. I will report this to the developers.


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