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Send Messages Not Working

Last night I sent a message out to our unit. It has two files attached to it. I previewed the message, then clicked to send message. The screen displayed “uploading files” then “sending message” and then “message sent”. My wife is one of the recipients and she has yet to receive the message. I retyped the message and tried sending it again. Same result. Anyone else having this issue recently.

While I’m discussing this issue, is there any way the message interface could include a sent message box which keeps a record of all the content. Retyping the email was a real waste of time.

The BSA has already said no to sent mail storage. However, the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox allows you to set a toggle which retains the content of the previous message. I think it only works for as long as you have that window open, though.

OK. So I just tried sending it again but this time without the 2 attached files. It went through that way. So Scoutbook needs to either repair the file attachment option or eliminate it because attaching multiple files seems to be blocking the send process.

@iisaphd - I just did a test message to myself with two files attached, an excel file and pdf and the message was received with the attachments. The files sizes were 64kb and 305kb. Please do know that some email hosts have file size limitations.

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If you have an issue with large file sizes, you can always use Dropbox or OneDrive or something similar for document storage, and include links to the files in your emails.

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