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September 22, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • District and Council Send Message
    • An issue that caused counts of leaders to be incorrect when sending a message to districts or councils (Council Admins only) has been fixed.
  • Exploring Club & Scouts BSA
    • An issue that returned the user to the dashboard page when clicking on the Scout’s advancement link if the Scout is a member of an exploring club and a troop has been fixed.
  • Payment Log
    • An issue that removed the Payment Log link from a Scout’s page has been fixed. Scout’s will now be able to view their Payment Log.
  • Scout Leadership
    • An issue that allowed some individuals with only View Advancement connections to add Scout Leadership positions has been fixed. These individuals will no longer be able to update a Scout’s Leadership.

New Features

  • Payment Log
    • Adults associated with multiple units will now see a selector for the unit in the upper part of the payment log. This selector restricts the payment log view to the selected unit.
  • Scout Sync Updates
    • Scouts who drop from the official roster at my.scouitng.org will be removed from Advancement Sync for that unit within 48 hours. Advancement sync will be restored if the Scout is returned to the official roster.